Gran Fondo NS '24

Novi Sad, Serbia
Date: 16.06.2024.
Start: 10:00 AM


The Gran Fondo Novi Sad will be held for the first time as part of the UCI Gran Fondo World Series. Its route leads through the beautiful landscapes of the Fruška gora National Park, starting and ending in the city of Novi Sad, which held the title of European Capital of Culture 2022.


The Danube river flows between the mountains of Fruška gora and city Novi Sad, the route will follow the Danube before climbing the slopes of Fruška gora. The gentler south side of the mountain provides an excellent location for vineyards. It has a long history of making the finest wines from the Romans time until the present day. In between the lush forests and vineyards there are more than 15 monasteries, that are scattered around Fruška gora.

Road Race

Gran Fondo Novi Sad has two race distances, both a circular race with start and finish in Novi Sad.  The races will start on Sunday morning in front of the Provincial Government building in the very center of Novi Sad. The longer route is 100 km with 1500 m climbing total, while the shorter is 77 km and 1200 m of climbing.



Gran Fondo Novi Sad starts in front of the Provincial Government building in the very center of Novi Sad. In the form of closed driving until we exist the city, we go towards the Rainbow bridge, then we cross to the Srem side and follow the Danube river until we reach Beočin. Here on the 19 km mark starts the first climb 9 km long with average gradient of 4.5%, with max gradient of 8%. After the downhill through villages of Mala Remeta and Jazak we arrive to Vrdnik. At Vrdnik we turn towards Irig where the second climb is starting on the 55 km mark. The second climb is 6 km long with average gradient of 3.8%, with max gradient of 7%. From the top of the second climb the Granfondo follows the ridge of Fruška gora for 11 km. This part will most likely be the deciding section for the win, because there is not a flat meter it is either uphill or downhill for the entire 11 km. After that we arrive to the top of the first climb, and head downhill the opposite way following the route back to the start/finish. The last 2 km is straight and wide allowing sprint finishes.



Medio Fondo starts and follows the same route as the Granfondo up until 62 km, where it is located the finish of the second climb. The Granfondo route turns left there, while the Mediofondo follows the main road downhill all the way to Sremska Kamenica where the route of Medio Fondo will reconnect with the Granfondo route and follow it to the finish.