Gran Fondo

Novi Sad, Serbia
Date: 16.06.2024.
Start: 10:00 AM

It’s time for the first edition of the most prestigious European cycling race, Gran Fondo Novi Sad 2024. We have made an effort to organize a UCI race from the World Series for all cyclists from different parts of the world.

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Novi Sad

As in everybody’s case, Novi Sad, as our hometown, is the most beautiful city to us.

On the map, made by Gerhard Mercator in the 16th century, in the place of today’s Novi Sad, there was a settlement called Bistriz. In its journal about traveling down the Danube river, Hans Christian Andersen mentions Novi Sad as the “water city”.

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What to See

For three centuries already, Novi Sad is material and intangible cultural heritage that has been created during the past centuries is the basis serving as the foundation of an interactive network of scientific and institutions of culture, which makes Novi Sad of today the space of active meeting of cultures and diverse identities.

Tourist Attractions


Start Package T-Shirt

Here is our official Gran Fondo Novi Sad '24 Start Package T-Shirt!

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Dejan Vidaković

💬 "Since the first time I sat on road bike I knew this is the sport I want to be in. The very first…

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Official Jersey

Here is our official Gran Fondo Novi Sad '24 race jersey! What do you think? 

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Ivan Basso

MEET AMBASSADOR OF GRAN FONDO NOVI SAD 2024 🥁 𝗜𝗩𝗔𝗡 𝗕𝗔𝗦𝗦𝗢 @ivanbasso 🇮🇹 It's our great pleasure to…

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Vanja Vlaović

"My name is Vanja Vlaović and I've been doing sports since I was nine years old, specifically…

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Dami Zupi

With more than 25,000 kilometers a year, one of the most recognizable recreational cyclists in the…

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