Partial Road Closures Due to UCI Gran Fondo World Series Serbia Novi Sad

Dear fellow citizens,

We inform you that due to the UCI Gran Fondo World Series Serbia Novi Sad, which is being held in Novi Sad, there will be temporary changes in traffic.

Certain streets and roads will be closed to traffic on the day of the UCI Gran Fondo World Series Serbia Novi Sad to ensure the safety of participants and spectators.

Date: 16.06.2024.

The roads that will be closed are:

  • The start and finish of the UCI Gran Fondo World Series Serbia Novi Sad is in Novi Sad in front of the Provincial Government on Mihajlo Pupin Boulevard.
  • The route moves towards Duga Bridge, from where it turns onto Kamenički Road and goes through the entire Sremska Kamenica via Vojvode Putnika Street.
  • Across Zmaj Jova Square, the route continues onto Karađorđeva Street, which then connects to Ledinački Road to Ledinci.
  • Through Ledinci, it continues further on Ledinački Road through Rakovac towards Beočin on state roads 107 and 119.
  • Then, via Novosadska Street (state road 119), the bypass around Beočin to the intersection of roads 119 and Fruškogorski Road to Crveni Čot.
  • From Crveni Čot, the route descends via Bešenovački Road to Široke Ledine, where it joins Desanka Maksimović Street to Mala Remeta.
  • In Mala Remeta, Pinkijeva Street will be closed to the intersection leading to Jazak, then Cara Uroša Street and Partizanska Street to Nova Kolonija in Vrdnik.
  • Railway Street through Vrdnik to the traffic lights, where Vojvođanske Brigade Street will be closed, which later leads to Rivica via road 313.
  • In Rivica, Maršala Tita Street and road 313 will be closed all the way to Irig, where upon entering Irig, Vojvode Putnika Street will be closed and further through the entire Irig, Ive Lole Ribara Street, Kralja Petra Street, and road 21 to Iriški Venac.
  • From Iriški Venac, traffic will be closed in two directions. The first direction is a left turn, the ridge road leading across the Zmajevac intersection to Crveni Čot, from where it again joins the closed section descending via Fruškogorski Road towards Beočin, then joins road 119 and Novosadska Street around Beočin, and roads 119 and 107 from Beočin to Rakovac.
  • In Rakovac, Ledinački Road will be closed, which goes through Ledinci into Karađorđeva Street, Zmaj Jova Square, Vojvode Putnika Street, Kamenički Road through Sremska Kamenica towards Novi Sad and Duga Bridge.
  • After Duga Bridge, traffic will be closed on Mihajlo Pupin Boulevard all the way to the Provincial Government.
  • The second direction that will be closed from Iriški Venac is the descent to Paragovo and Paragovački Road, which joins Karađorđeva Street in Sremska Kamenica, Zmaj Jova Square, Vojvode Putnika Street, Kamenički Road in Sremska Kamenica, Duga Bridge, and Mihajlo Pupin Boulevard.

We kindly ask all citizens and visitors to plan their activities in advance and use alternative routes during the specified period.

Thank you for your understanding and support in the realization of this international event.

For more information and inquiries, feel free to contact our team at

Thank you for helping to promote a healthy lifestyle and cycling as an ecological means of transport.

Gran Fondo Novi Sad 2024 Organizing Team