Vanja Vlaović

"My name is Vanja Vlaović and I've been doing sports since I was nine years old, specifically cycling for almost third year now. Maybe it's not so long for such a serious sport, but if it hits you directly in the heart, then it's not such a short time to get to know yourself in a new light.

I'm glad that I live in Sremska Mitrovica and all the climbs of Fruška gora are just over half an hour's ride. There's nothing better than waking up at dawn and heading towards our beautiful mountain, enjoying the landscapes, meeting forest animals and breathing in the fresh air. Every ride is a new challenge to beat myself, to climb one of my favorite parts at least a second faster. I'm not one of those who need a race to give their best, also I'm sure that those who don't know how to put themselfs 100% in sports don't know that in any other segment of life, so I'm inviting you to take your chance, press the pedals and come ready to Gran Fondo Novi Sad to enjoy and race together with us on the beautiful track that goes through my all-time favorite - Fruška gora."

Remember what Vanja said, see you!

Dami Zupi

With more than 25,000 kilometers a year, one of the most recognizable recreational cyclists in the region. Winner of Zadar Gran Fondo and promoter of the road cycling. Organizer of countless training camps in Tenerife, Cyprus and Slovenia. Founder of Bike Passion CC agency, First Slovenian participant of Tour De Fruška and now Ambassador of Gran Fondo Novi Sad

Join Dami and us on an unforgettable ride in Novi Sad!